Our services for employers

Our Occupational Health Specialist Doctors are helping successful companies to build healthier and happier teams. We can help you at some crucial stages in your journey as a great employer.


You, as an employer have a statutory obligation to make sure that your employees are safe at work, we can advise you on how to achieve this. Simply contact us and we can run through an assessment of what you will need to do to fulfil your obligations.

If you already know which services you need then you can just book IRRs, Classified worker medicals, DVLA medicals, Lead tests, Lung function (spirometry), Skin, Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS), Display Screen Equipment Assessment (DSE), workstation assessments. The list goes on, in fact we don’t think there is a single test or assessment that our doctors or nurses don’t perform!

Recruitment process

We help you choose healthy recruits by using our Accredited Specialists to medically assess the health of your recruits using our Pre-employment Screening Form and medical assessment. If we need more information we request extra information from the staff member, their GP or other Doctors. We then issue a Fitness to Work Certificate.

Long term sickness absence

A Management Referral to one of our Accredited Specialists will quickly allow you to make a management plan for the future of that staff member. Find out more

Staff member not coping

If a staff member is showing signs of being at risk or not coping then intervention at this stage can be really helpful. A timely management referral can prevent long term sickness absence and also allow the staff member to fulfil their potential in the job. Our Specialists can help management to make any adjustments that might help or may recommend further therapy intervention e.g. counselling or physiotherapy

Stress management

We can help by running short courses on stress management for staff, helping them to develop strategies that help them to cope with life stress.

If you would like support across our range of services, please check out our Premier Client Package.

Our fees

There are three levels of service:


“Pay as you go” (One-off)

A company can make use of their consultant on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Management Referrals – £360 per patient
New employee ‘fit to work’ certification – £90 per patient


Health Surveillance

Health surveillance programs are always bespoke to the individual company, our rates are competitive and represent excellent value for money. Please get in touch to discuss the program we could build for you and it’s cost.


Premier Client Package

provides the benefit of an allocated client manager – to help you maximise benefits of the service.

Management Referrals – £295 per patient
New employee ‘fit to work’ certification – £45 per patient

The annual cost of the Premier Clients group varies by the size of company but the average annual cost is £500. Please contact us for bespoke pricing.

Do you need more regular Occupational Health Support from a dedicated Specialist Doctor and Client Manager who understand your Establishment and are working with you to build a healthy staff by Active Screening Pre-employment, telephone advice when needed as well as preparing Occupational Health Reports for your Management Referrals.

If this is your company, an annual retainer fee allows you to have these extra benefits as well as a discount on our most popular services. This really is the package for any company that is serious about the long term health and performance of their workforce.

Pay as you go clients still get the same high levels of professionalism, they have access to the same highly skilled Doctors.

Comparison of services

Service Pay As You Go Premium Client Package
New employee screening
Management Referrals
Dedicated Client Manager
Dedicated Accredited Specialist Doctor
Regular Updates on Occupational Health in Education
Reports on Managing Risk and Help Employee Screening

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the support you need and take a look at your options.